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Ignore the words you write at your peril. A confident start to a piece of copy can make the difference between it being read or being discarded. So how can you access the tried and tested techniques that produce strong professionally crafted sales copy? Simple – outsource it to Insight. For our website customers it’s included in almost all our packages.

Writing copy for accountants is a specialist area of expertise in its own right. Writing text that provokes a response is an art few master. A great copyrighter understands that every word must lead towards action. Good sales copy for accountants does not simply explain about a practice or its partners or about you generally. Strong, focused and persuasive copy communicates meaningfully with your customers or potential customers. It tells them what they want to know in a way that attracts their attention and speaks with authenticity and authority. Therefore, it is the job of the copywriter to understand precisely what services your firm offers and what your potential clients need. A good copywriter will then create a synergy between the two to produce dynamic hardworking copy.

Highly regarded copywriters

David Cooper, senior copywriter for Insight Marketing, is viewed by many as the leader in the field of copywriting for accountants. His experience is unique. Having qualified as an accountant with a top 6 firm, he also worked as a Finance Director and Managing Director before opting for a career in marketing – specialising in writing outstanding sales and marketing copy for companies such as American Express, Diners Club and Nightingale Conant. David has worked alongside some of the world’s greatest marketers such as Jay Abraham, Bob Proctor, Peter Thomson and Richard Denny and now heads up our copy team.

Personally either writing or signing off all clients’ accountancy website copy, David works with you to ensure that what is produced is a blend of your expertise and effective, response-driven text designed to bring your website to life.

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