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Introducing the
all new I-Blog

A practice and profit improvement tool for accountancy firms

Write . Differentiate . Share . Distribute . Grow

A unique blogging solution for accountants from Insight

The I-Blog takes the principle of a blog and enhances the powerful benefits it provides to accountants. The technical team at Insight has developed a unique solution that you cannot get from your current web agency or developers. Not only does it integrate seamlessly with your website, it also integrates and automatically updates your social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +) saving massive amounts of operational time. In fact, for many of our customers it’s the only genuine way they can keep on top of social media for their practice. The I-blog gives your practice the ability to write, share and distribute quality content (we show you how) to current and potential clients in minutes, replacing the need for out of date newsletters and dependence on your web agency to update your website.

7 reasons to get the I-Blog for your firm

  1. It saves you hours One blog post will automatically update everything instantly and automatically for you – both on your website and social media.
  2. Increased web traffic Google loves blogs and using the I-blog will increase traffic to your website and help you rank quickly and effectively for specific and valuable search terms.
  3. You are in control No need for web developers or techies, once your I-Blog is set up you can blog with ease in just a few minutes.
  4. Content Creation Some firms wonder what they might write! Don’t worry, you will be shown how to find, share and distribute content in just a few minutes. Content that is of value to your current and potential clients alike.  
  5. Full Training The I-Blog is incredibly simple to use. Plus you get full training and free reports all as part of your low cost package.
  6. Low Cost So many great tools are price restrictive, the great news about the I-blog is it’s available for a one off investment of just £950 + VAT and will be ready for you in just a few days from order.
  7. Proven The I-Blog is working right now for many other accountancy firms of all sizes, meaning it’s tried and tested.

See the I-Blog live

Register using the form opposite for your free 1:1 demonstration of the I-Blog live. See for yourself how it works, who uses it and why it saves firms hours of time.

I-blog integration

The I-blog can integrate with and auto-update up the following social media platforms:
  • LinkedIn personal status update
  • LinkedIn company/showcase page
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Facebook
Each of your blogs can automatically update up to 2 individuals’ accounts/profiles, but if you are considering using the I-blog to post to more than 2 individuals’ accounts then you will need to use a paid version of Hootsuite or similar.

Multiple authors

The standard I-blog package is designed to be used as the company blog using one account, with a single login for one author. If you want the I-blog to work using multiple authors, we can set this up for you by providing each individual author (blogger) with their own account, so that when they post a blog article it will update that author’s social media profiles (as above). There is an additional charge per author to set this up of £150 + VAT.

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