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Websites & Digital Marketing for Accountants

Websites for accountants – is your website working?

According to figures from a leading web consultancy, less than 3% of websites generate any worthwhile sales or leads. That means unless you are one of that rare 3% who have mastered the art and science of web marketing, your accountancy website is nothing better than a marker in the sand… a signpost pointing nowhere. And if you’ve invested heavily in your website, expecting great results… and are getting little or no return, you are probably feeling more than a little frustrated right now.

We specialise in writing, designing and building great websites for accountants that deliver great results.

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Apps for Accountancy Firms – get your very own App

A mobile and tablet growth continues to boom, your clients and future clients are using Apps as part of their daily lives. Launching your own App using our proven blueprint is a great way to embrace your clients using this new technology. One launched your new App will become the critical interface between your firm, your clients and the systems you use (Xero, Receipt Bank, SAGE, Kashflow, FreeAgent, IRIS, BTC etc.)

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Compelling reasons every firm should have an I-Blog

The I-Blog takes the principle of a blog and enhances the powerful benefits it provides to accountants. The technical team at Insight has developed a unique solution that you cannot get from your current web agency or developers.

Not only does it integrate seamlessly with your website, it also integrates and automatically updates your social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) saving massive amounts of operational time.In fact, for many of our customers it’s the only genuine way they can keep on top of social media for their practice.

The I-Blog gives your practice the ability to write, share and distribute quality content (we show you how) to current and potential clients in minutes. Replacing the need for out of date newsletters and dependence on your web agency to update your website.

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Email Marketing for accountancy firms

Email marketing is a fantastic way to promote your firm, your services, events, webinars, new products or latest practice news. Many accountancy practices revert to rather, dull, uninspiring generic email newsletters. Insight specialise in providing either email templates or customised bespoke emails to send.

Successful email marketing takes a host of things to work perfectly together. Rarely, if ever, does a practice have the internal skill set and resources to achieve this. The result is often a low conversion rate and a very high ‘unsubscribe’ reaction from your list. Worse, if not handled correctly they can cause your domain name to be recorded as SPAM and it will be blacklisted. Meaning even your day-to-day emails sent via outlook or a similar mail programme will never reach the recipient.

At Insight our team have been running successful email marketing campaigns for years. You can draw on our experience to help with just one area of an email campaign or to manage your entire send.

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Copywriting for your website or promotional material

Writing copy for accountants is a specialist area of expertise in its own right. Writing text that provokes a response is an art few master. A great copywriter understands that every word must lead towards action. Good sales copy for accountants does not simply explain about a practice or its partners or about you generally. Strong, focused and persuasive copy communicates meaningfully with your customers or potential customers. It tells them what they want to know in a way that attracts their attention and speaks with authenticity and authority. Therefore, it is the job of the copywriter to understand precisely what services your firm offers and what your potential clients need. A good copywriter will then create a synergy between the two to produce dynamic hardworking copy.

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