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Sales Training
for Accountants

In house training for teams or individuals who want to receive the very latest sales tools, tips and advice.

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Why Will This Sales Training Work For You?

You want your staff trained in a motivating way, and you also want the material tailored to cover the specific needs of your team. You want to see a guaranteed measurable improvement in performance and you would like to see each member of your team supercharged for the next twelve months! You would also like training material that is proven, new and different to anything your competitors might receive.

This course will do all this and more for you and your team. The course will be tailored to your needs and will be presented by presenters uniquely equipped in this kind of event. It will cover proven new material and a complete FREE Sales Development Tool-kit is given to each delegate, enabling tailored exercises on the day itself. The same kit provides all your team with the necessary tools for life long development.

Over 100,000 delegates have been through a similar experience – the concepts are rooted in success and the experience of that success is brought to you on the day.

  • training is totally relevant
  • training is totally geared to your needs and your market
  • training is designed to help you get quantifiably more results
  • training is not theoretical, it is totally practical

This training will teach your delegates;

  • how to plan and implement the ideal sales approach for your market
  • how to write effective sales letters
  • what to say to prospects
  • how to start and maintain new prospect contacts
  • how to close – even when they say No
  • how to stay motivated
  • how to guarantee target achievement

This tailored sales training event will give you all the ingredients that you need to get your staff selling confidently and with motivation. It provides a pre-determined follow-up programme and gives you confidence that your staff are being trained with totally relevant material, geared in its entirety to producing more results for your company.

For dates, availability, prices and details on tailored content please contact us.

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