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Insight can offer highly experienced, talented and well known speakers and presenters on any area of practice growth, sales or marketing.

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You can hire our team for your own conference or in house training

Getting the right speaker, presenter, trainer or coach for your event, management meeting or workshops can be tough. What’s more how do you know they really can deliver to the standard you need for your event? We understand your pain first hand, having looked many times over the years for a presenter for our own clients on a topic we don’t cover.

Hire one of the most respected, experienced speakers in the accountancy industry

You would like reliable delivery of appropriate and applicable material from a world-class motivational presenter. You would also like to choose a keynote that fits in with your values and is appropriate in terms of its synchronicity with your firm’s culture and with your firm’s journey. Insight can offer you a range of speakers to inspire, teach, motivate, challenge or encourage your audience. For dates, availability, prices and content please contact us.

Our Founder, senior presenter and Inspirational Speaker David Oliver

David is Founder of Insight, a world-class trainer, speaker, and author of 9 books in 23 languages. He is viewed by many as a leading voice on sales, marketing and negotiation for proven growth. Specialising in negotiation, sales and lead generation David is highly sought after in business conferences the world over. His charismatic, motivating style makes his presentations fun, exciting and memorable. From large groups, to small workshops 98% of delegates polled his material as great or excellent. These have ranged from owner-managed businesses through to international corporations and governments. Recent clients include HBOS, Haines Watts, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, HP, Lloyds, Mars, B&Q, ACCA, UK 200 Ministry of State in Singapore and he was consulted by the BBC on the US debt crisis.
Our senior management team first heard David Oliver and the Insight team in Paris with 80 other accountants at an international convention. Their ability to present with passion and inspiration and their ability to combine online and offline marketing for proven results meant they were presenters of choice for our own MHA inaugural conference. I have no hesitation in recommending David Oliver & the Insight team for firms that are looking to grow.

Offline and Online marketing expert and keynote speaker Daniel Richards

Daniel has been the head of our lead generation team at Insight for over 10 years and for a very good reason. His unique experience in integrated marketing campaigns with outstanding results, has earned him the nickname “The money man”. He has personally been instrumental in the growth of thousands of firms, helping them to win better quality clients, gain higher fees and earn more profit. Daniel has personally presented to thousands of business delegates, carried out over 1,000 individual 1:1 consultations and currently advises top international firms to sole traders. He and his team have grown hundreds of firms working to a process that makes up Insight Intelligence ©. They have made and monitored over 1 million phone calls, 2 million direct mail pieces, countless email shots and LinkedIn connections resulting in thousands of pre-qualified appointments for senior staff to attend. To our knowledge there is nobody with Daniel’s understanding and experience of integrated lead generation. It’s little wonder he is one of the most sought after offline marketing experts, speakers and consultants in the UK.
I recently attended a conference with Insight Marketing which was a fantastic day, with many very interesting and useful ideas for business development.In a follow up one to one session with Dan I found him to be an expert in his field and he is clearly someone who provides great advice in sales and marketing of professional services.

John Braithwaite – The leading authority on Digital Marketing and social networking

John is a leading authority on how businesses can maximise the impact of online digital marketing including social networking. John has personally pioneered many new approaches to digital marketing and social networking . He has embraced & developed a unique process to ensure client websites convert visitors to enquiries which forms part of Insight Intelligence ©. John is considered to be one of the primary thought leaders on generating businesses a return through their online marketing activities. He offers a unique insight into generating great high quality customers online, whilst managing your current clients with ease. If you are looking for a well-rounded expert with unique understanding of digital marketing and social networking then John should be your first choice.
The session was extremely well presented. I have taken a great deal from this event especially in relation to LinkedIn, Apps and email marketing. I would always consider attending any relevant future events.

James Potter –The most respected LinkedIn specialist in the UK

James is Insight’s chosen LinkedIn advisor, he was originally destined for a career in accountancy when in 1986 he discovered networking. You could say the rest is history! He went on to learn four different sales methodologies along with various other disciplines. James has a unique understanding of LinkedIn and its use. Importantly he is not just an expert consultant, voice or advisor but has also made LinkedIn work and deliver results at a significant volume for himself and our clients. His experience spreads from smaller firms through to multinational corporates. James focuses on the practical and tactical skills needed to succeed when using social networking. Specifically helping firms of all sizes get the most out of LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional business network.
This seminar helped me to start thinking about LinkedIn, Emailing marketing and our digital marketing strategy. I am leaving feeling confident on growing my practice steadily through online marketing. Thanks to David, Dan and the whole team at Insight. I would very much like to do business with you all the time and over time.

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