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Negotiation Training

In the current climate ensuring you get the very best price for your services is important. This session will help you price with confidence and negotiate effectively with existing suppliers for improved profits.

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Negotiation training – what are you looking for?

Most likely you want your training in a motivating way, and you also want material tailored to cover the specific needs of your firm. You want to see a guaranteed measurable improvement in performance and you would like to see each member of your team supercharged for the next twelve months! You would also like training material that is proven, new and different to anything your competitors might receive. You don’t just want a great event; you want life changing long term skills that bring a positive impact onto the bottom line in year one. Use the practical principles shared and you should easily increase annual profit by at least 10%!

How to negotiate more effectively for accountants

Acquire the winning mindset of a top negotiator to bring you a formidable advantage in every buying or selling situation:
  • Learn the 9 killer tactics
  • Find out how to use them as buyer how to beat them as seller
  • Enjoy successful trading by observing these 10 rules
  • Learn 15 better ways to bargain
  • Ten commandments for better results every time
  • Learn new ways to protect your prices
  • Increase your confidence in six critical areas
  • How and when you must use LinkedIn and other social media
  • Learn how to identify tactics used against you
  • Discover how to prepare countermeasures that work for you
  • Find out how to avoid giving too much away
  • Learn how and when to move in your negotiations
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World Class Presentation

All the core material is developed by David Oliver MCIM. David is author of nine books (in 23 languages) including the Sunday Times Publication How To Negotiate More Effectively. For twenty years David has written material for sales and marketing seminars and travelled the world to present them. These seminars have gained an unrivalled reputation with places in heavy demand. David has trained over 100,000 delegates. 98% of all delegates polled rate his material as excellent or good. Clients have ranged from owner-managed business through to international corporations and governments. Recent clients include HBOS, Haines Watts, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, HP, Lloyds, Mars, B&Q, ACCA, UK 200 Ministry of State in Singapore. All this means that your company can have total confidence that the material is the best available for its application. Developed by one of the UK’s leading practitioners and presented by a highly specialised and competent team. PLUS each delegate takes away their own PERSONAL NEGOTIATORS TOOLKIT – over 48 pages, including model checklists and templates for your specific negotiations. Plus a mathematical model enabling you to calculate achievable profit improvements specific to your company.
David has provided keynote speaking, negotiation training and consultancy services over the years to Microsoft. He is an inspirational speaker, trains at the board and CxO level and has helped us facilitate local and projects at European team level. He builds great cross team collaboration, rapidly assesses the culture he is assigned in and provides excellent stakeholder feedback as well as superb high impact results. Gordon McKenzie, Country Manager Microsoft Scotland
For dates, availability, prices and details on tailored content please contact us.

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