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Looking for new blocks of accountancy fees?

Finding high quality blocks of fees can be exceedingly difficult. Even if a potential opportunity is identified then significant and expensive due diligence takes place to reduce your exposure to risk. Almost without exception accountancy firms still go about the M&A process in the same way as they did 20 years ago.

But what if there was a different way, a strategy that enabled you to identify blocks of potential fees long before any other accountancy firm? And at the heart of the process was an associate strategy, enabling you to develop a relationship with that firm whilst generating short-term fee income.

Sounds impossible, but it’s not!

Discover from the comfort of your desk during this free webinar, how we have drawn our 25 years of experience to launch one of our most simple yet successful programs ever – and its working right now!

The result?

You generate immediate income over the short term through the associate scheme.

PLUS you also secure the long-term goals and aspirations of your practice through powerful, hand picked acquisitions selected by you from the firms you are already working with.

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