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Making Webinars Work

How to run and market a successful webinar for your practice

Yes discover in this free 40 minute webinar recording how your fellow professionals are making social media marketing work powerfully for them.

  • How accountants are using webinars
  • 6 key benefits of webinars
  • The technology to make it work
  • Social Media Marketing 4 powerful ways webinars help make it work
  • One platform that has changed everything
  • See for yourself the powerful search engine benefits
  • Get your webinar ranking in hours on Google
  • How you can run a successful webinar
  • Plus how a blog is critical to bringing it all together

Leaving your practice with the training, facts, and proven process to set up, run, market, promote and manage your own webinars. Plus you will also see how to use the powerful new technology to give your webinar significant shelf life.

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