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Digital Marketing for Accountants

Your free webinar on digital marketing for accountancy firms

Digital marketing, and your online reputation is now a critical success factor for almost all businesses – especially professional services. We all know that we should not turn up to meetings in dirty smelly clothes! All respectable firms would make sure that if a potential customer is visiting their office that it is clean, tidy, and presentable. Few, if any, would accept anything but the very highest standards in all realms of ’offline’ engagement… And yet, so many of these very same companies, the very same business owners that insist on making sure the office is tidy often have poor standards when it comes to their digital identity and increasingly important – their social media reputation.

What is certain, is that there is no slower day coming and that further change is guaranteed. Therefore you must have a plan in place that also allows you to remain agile.

This short webinar will take you through proven digital marketing strategies for professional service firms to help you differentiate, gain opportunities and convert those opportunities into new clients.

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