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Blogs for Accountants

Blogs for Accountants

This is your special invitation to listen to this free webinar – it has been downloaded by over 600 other successful accountancy firms just like you. Accountancy firms who are trying hard to keep on top of a rapidly changing market and technology that seems to be moving at the speed of light. The great news is that this free webinar is focused on one tool and how to use it to your significant advantage. You see, over the past few months the team at Insight and our techies have been hard at work! And the blog technology that’s being employed and the way in which our team use it for accountants makes it so powerful for accountants.

The webinar is free to listen to and its packed full of tried and tested ways other firms are using Blogs and why. What’s more we also going to reveal how to use Bitly links free to monitor and track success.

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