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Secure Document Exchange for Accountants

With clients expecting more online there is a limit to how long firms of accountants can and should continue relying on email, post of fax for their work.

Improve Efficiency . Save Storage Space . Improve Customer Service

Virtual Cabinet

Virtual Cabinet is an affordable, easy to use, highly effective document management system. It enables companies to control all documents, share information, increase productivity and archive securely with an instant return investment.


Virtual Cabinet scanning can be performed from high-speed production scanners or alternatively seamlessly linked in with your existing MFD. Reduction facilities allow information to hidden if you want to protect areas of the document.


Posts arrive in your Intray. Any user can put documents into your Intray but only you can see those documents (unless with administrator privileges). Post routing to Intrays allows fast audited distribution of daily documents. Documents can be dragged and dropped into other individual/group Intrays and an additional ‘Sticky note’ can be added for comments.

Filing made easy!

Filing is achieved by simply dragging and dropping the files onto the correct filing cabinet/folder. A customer indexing structure can be created to suit your organisation. This structure defines the types of information you can associate with a document.


You can search for documentation in many different ways. You can simply search for a client file or combine the client file search with some further refining criteria e.g. Period End, but any of your document references are searchable. These search results can also be displayed in thumbnail form making for easy identification of the document required. Even the content of the documentation is searchable! Once selected, multiple documents can be viewed in our multi-format viewer so you can review a spreadsheet, word document and scanned image all one after another.


Emails can be automatically filed into the client correspondence file in Practice Management system. If an email address is stored against the client record, any email to or from that address will automatically file itself in the client correspondence file in Virtual Cabinet.


This provides the ability to capture printed documents automatically into Virtual Cabinet. Client related documents printed from the Practice Management System can be captured, imaged and stored direct onto the client file. So no need to print, scan and file; it’s all done for you.

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