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Making use of technology is a must for accountancy firms, finding the right solution can be a little harder. At Insight we can help your firm find the software solutions that fit like a glove.

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Apps for Accountants

The use of smartphones and tablets is booming.

The way we all connect has changed forever and with many of your firm’s clients and potential clients using smartphones and tablets this App is perfectly designed to enable you to reach them. With an estimated 830 million enterprise smartphone and tablet app users by 2012 it’s a channel that accountants can embrace to stand out from the crowd.

This unique App has been developed exclusively for accountancy firms to reach out to current and potential clients in a time efficient, modern, technologically advanced manner.

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The Cloud and Secure Document Exchange

Working on the cloud safely and securely through a secure document exchange has massive benefits. Both operationally to accountancy firms and to your customers. It will save time and increase profitability, whilst significantly aiding client retention. Everything can be managed online, with automatic reminder for forgetful clients, a full audit trail and powerful signing facility.

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Online Feedback 24 hours a day

Because accountants tend to have excellent relationships with their clients, it can feel awkward for clients to mention any niggles that cause them to stop short of a recommendation. That’s why we have worked carefully with a leading provider to offer a fantastic online, transactional feedback tool.

The solution lies in a simple 3-step process:

  1. The leadership of the firm commits to a client satisfaction as a core value.
  2. Use CustomerSure and email a lightning fast satisfaction survey after key deliverables, to check that clients are completely satisfied.
  3. Each person within the firm understands their responsibility to read and act on the client feedback.

Don’t assume clients are satisfied – use this system to be confident you’ve got it right, every time, and enjoy the benefits of retention, additional business from happy clients and referrals.

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