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Blogs and LinkedIn

A blog is a helpful ingredient to your social media and digital marketing. They save enormous amounts of time whilst giving you so many benefits.

LinkedIn . Blogs . Increased SEO . Low Cost

Why a blog is essential to LinkedIn and Social Media Marketing

One of the big headaches to social media marketing can be pulling it all together. If it is not correctly set up then it can easily feel like you are simply feeding the ever-hungry lion and no amount of writing content will satisfy it! Some accountancy firms we have spoken to are spending so much time updating LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even Pinterest that they are exhausted. The reality of course is that as more and more social media platforms arrive the need to manage the supply of content across multiple platforms will also increase. Insight and its team of developers have built a unique blog system we call I-Blog. With the I-Blog system your firm get the technical development as standard to build and integrate your new blog into your social media platforms. The I-Blog is the perfect platform to write once and use many, many times. It’s quick and easy to use, and with the right assistance it can be perfectly integrated into your social platforms and your website.

LinkedIn, Blogs and Accountancy firms

The I-Blog is becoming an increasingly vital part of an accountant’s online marketing toolkit. For most Insight customers it’s central to the work they do. There are many important reasons to have an integrated blog, here are just 6 reasons why the I-Blog is the essential step for making Social Media work for accountants. 1) It saves you time – The I-Blog has been carefully developed to provide accountants with a completely integrated solution. It will save you time ensuring that your Social Media works for your practice effortlessly. 2) Blog once and update everything – That’s right, the I-Blog can be professionally integrated into your social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook then one post will instantly and automatically update all 3 platforms at the touch of a button. 3) Increase traffic to your website – There is a significant shift in the way Google and other search engines place value over content. Content generated through the I-Blog and other social media holds greater weight than a traditional web page might. There is also a significant emphasis on new content, something your blog will have in spades. So when you get the I-Blog you are getting an integrated blog, built into your website giving you a significant increase in traffic. 4) No need for web developers or techies – Ask Insight for your I-Blog and once it’s complete you will never need us again. It puts you in control of your content and material and gives you an amazing platform for distribution. 5) Replace out of date newsletters or email shots – Some accountancy firms find emailing customers or potential clients a real chore. Many simply send a generic newsletter that is rarely ever read and becomes a bore for readers to delete. One option is customised, HTML email shots but they are invariably expensive and few firms have the internal ability to write, design and code them. The I-Blog is a superb solution to this common problem for accountants. Putting the controls in the hands of the accountancy practice you can write, share and distribute content whenever you want, in a modern format using the proven I-Blog package. 6) It feeds all your social media marketing – Your I-Blog will not only increase your website traffic. It will also drive quality traffic back to your social media channels including LinkedIn.

Getting the I-Blog is quick, easy and incredibly low cost

The great news is that you can take advantage of this technology with ease and be using it within days. Insight and our hard working developers have built the I-Blog, a unique blog solution for accountants. Your blog will be designed, developed and plugged into your social media marketing and your website. For a one off investment of just £950 + VAT your practice will be given the I-Blog that will help bring your social media marketing together.

What is included in the I-Blog package?

Your investment of £950 + vat includes access to the unique I-Blog service. You get your own unique Blog, matched to your existing branding on your website and supplied ready for your first I-Blog post. What’s more as standard our development team integrate the I-Blog into your social media platforms for you. Meaning you or your team is not spending valuable time learning how to add a blog to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles. The result – every time you use the I-Blog your social media platforms are immediately and automatically updated. The I-Blog system is designed to be simple, easy and highly effective to use. That said, we don’t let you loose without some training all included in the package. You get 30 minutes on the phone with our developers to take you through the basics and leave you ready to start posting. Further training can also be supplied at a pre agreed hourly rate. Plus you also receive a free eBook ‘Blogging for Accountants’ which gives you a step by step overview of why to blog, how to blog, what to write and what to avoid.

Register today for your own I-Blog and streamline your digital marketing

Secure your firms new I-Blog today and the result is instant ability to make your social media marketing work in just a few minutes each day. No time or hassle for you and better still: it’s incredibly low cost. Simply use the form below to register your interest in the I-Blog and one of our team will contact you shortly.

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