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Pinpoint your potential customers using LinkedIn targeted ads. Fully managed LinkedIn campaigns to win local, quality customers.

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LinkedIn Ads for Accountants

LinkedIn is a great free marketing tool for accountants, it also has a paid for service. This is a great way to attract traffic on LinkedIn to your website using LinkedIn ads. You only pay for the people that click on your ad, and the people that click can be highly targeted.

Targeting your prospects using LinkedIn Ads

Most accountants want quality customers and the great news is that LinkedIn Ads enables you to pinpoint your potential clients with amazing accuracy. This is great news for accountants, who often work within a specific geographic area, with owner managers and Directors.

Geography – LinkedIn enables you to target regions

So if you are an accountancy firm in 1 County or perhaps in an even smaller geographic region like a town – you can target both the wording of your ad and promotion of the ad to that area.

Size and type of company

As with all marketing the better the focus the better the return rates. LinkedIn enables you to target by Industry sector – so for a higher return if you want to work with vets in Birmingham for example you would write your ad for vets in Birmingham and target geographically and by industry sector companies in Birmingham within the Veterinary industry. You can also select the size of the companies from 1-10 employees and above. The result should be a number of ads that are much more focused and targeted than one generic ad enabling you to get a higher return and to track performance of individual ads.

Targeting by Job title, Group, Gender and Age

Having selected your geographic target criteria, size of company and type of company you can now select the seniority of the person you want your Ads to display to or alternatively tick Job Function and write your own. You can then go on to select groups you may wish to target, now remember there are approximately one million groups on LinkedIn. They are a highly effective way of targeting the people you want, with your new ads. For example if you are targeting Vets you would research all the appropriate groups that vets participate in and add them to the groups. Following this you may select gender and age of the people you want to target.

LinkedIn Ads – Fully Managed campaigns

If you want to test LinkedIn Ads but don’t have the time, resources or expertise to do so internally then why not get a managed campaign from Insight. For just £150 per month + your cost per click we will manage your LinkedIn campaign for you. That management charge includes writing all your ads, supply of graphics, monitoring the response and testing multiple ad variations. To discuss a fully managed campaign simply contact us or call 0800 803 0826.

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