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Facebook for Accountants

The debate rages on in offices, boardrooms and partnership meetings. LinkedIn is accepted, Twitter commonly used but Facebook seems to be viewed as the poor relation. It’s the place where children spend time chatting with children. Originally the argument was that Facebook had no commercial application, value or use. That soon melted away as the early adopters took a calculated risk and created company Facebook pages. Some were shocked by the results, people were still doing business with people they could connect with, people they like. True to form, these early adopters were not accountants, they were the marketing companies, and agencies, recruitment companies and sales led organisations. Companies used to working with new routes to market, whose board could see Facebook as a way of reaching prospects just like direct mail or fax marketing of the past.

Accountants followed and Facebook is working for them

Money started to change hands; business was being done through Facebook and soon accountants started to test it. Yes, they started testing Facebook as a way of promoting the practice and it worked. To start with many of the accountancy firms on Facebook were smaller practices. Some didn’t even have a website and they were innovatively using Facebook as there online presence reaching out to the ‘butcher, baker and candlestick maker’ type clients. Gradually this has shifted, as larger accountancy firms have started to use Facebook they have networked, attracted and won new clients with good quality fees in excess of £3,000 per annum in recurring fee income.

Is your Accountancy firm serious about its future?

We wont convince you on this page if Facebook is for your practice. What we know for certain is that having a Facebook company page is essential for accountancy firms looking for continued growth. The Facebook generation is growing up! Some of them have made significant sums of money already through online marketing and using the very medium Facebook. They have very different expectations from accountancy firms, as will the new staff you recruit. Some accountancy firms and partnership team do not reflect on their online reputation well enough. If you look at the type of staff you want it would be our guess that they will be forward thinking, creative, intelligent and respected individuals. These type of staff are using Facebook, are used to using Facebook and will expect to find you there.

Facebook company pages for accountants

Of course anyone can set up a Facebook company page or fan page, detailing your accountancy practice and its services. The problem for some accountancy firms is they don’t have the technical ability, the design expertise or the copywriting skills to make a compelling Facebook page for their practice.

It should be the place where friends, colleagues, clients and those you network with can find your firm and become ‘fans’ of the practice. It’s also the one place that a prospect can find all the relevant information about your accountancy practice in one simple place.

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Facebook management programme

If you already have a Facebook company page and you want a simple solution to give your Facebook page a real boost then the Facebook management programme is the perfect solution. You can use our team of Facebook experts for accountants to post status update, upload images and video links, engage with your target demographics, gain additional likes (normally 80 – 100 per month depending on your target market).

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