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Video For Accountants

Video for Accountants

Traditionally most accountants would agree they deliver a personal service to clients. One of the great difficulties to overcome when promoting a professional service is that it is largely intangible. One of the most powerful tools for promoting your firm is video. It’s immediate, dynamic, captivating and has the ability to humanise your site. Video will also gain your firm extra prominence on search engines so more prospects will find you.

We have combined our experience of marketing and promotion and blended it with very high quality video production, producing a powerful end product that generates great feedback from clients and potential clients alike.

Benefits of Videos for Accountants

We have all seen web video explode. Users have been groomed to expect content quickly and extensive research shows visitors decide whether or not to stay on your firm’s site within seconds. The use of web based video has been proven to hold customers attention, generate additional leads and therefore increase the return on investment for a site. What’s more, video is now so widely accepted it has become a viral form of communication that users are happy to send to colleagues or contacts.

With the right website production you will easily be able to:

  • Immediately differentiate your firm from others
  • Promote your services in a non threatening, interactive way that is widely acceptable
  • Improve the conversion of leads generated from your site
  • Build practice credentials with a commercial video welcome message
  • Provide measurable internal & external educational platforms – including budget summary
  • Aid the customer decision making processes with a web presenter
  • Bring customer testimonials To Life With A Soft Sell Website Video

What Does a Video Cost?

Video shoot to provide you with 4 – 8 minutes of professionally edited video for your site

Some firms are short on time, budget or both but want to benefit from the advantages of our video for accountants service. For these firms we have pioneered a unique set-package. All you have to do is arrive in London at the allocated time and venue and we will do the rest.


  • Professionally written script created in conjunction with you and your partners
  • Filming – you simply arrive and we will take you through the filming process 1:1 and when you are comfortable we will commence the filming
  • Editing – following the filming slot we will fully edit your video prior to upload and make any changes to the graphics being used
  • Production for web – we prepare the HTML code so that your web provider merely cuts & pastes the video into the pre-agreed space on your website. This task should take no more than a couple of minutes.

This unique package is structured to provide your firm with the full benefits of video in a structured way at a low investment level of just £1650 to include all the above.

Customised multiple video shoot with or without presenters

This is a fully customised video shoot. Our accountancy video production can be as simple as an introductory film featuring individual interviews with staff members through to multiple videos, perhaps over a number of days. This option may include testimonials with customers, etc. This normally includes part or all of the following:

  • Professionally written script created in conjunction with you and your partners
  • Filming, editing, and post-production – you will see the final version of the video prior to implementation and we will make any necessary changes to the words/graphics as it is sometimes only when you see the final production that you realise the words/graphics aren’t quite right.
  • An Interactive Video player – so people can respond to the video by email, maybe forward to a friend, bookmark the page and so forth.
  • Links from the video to the rest of your site – for example to your contact page, a relevant page you want them to read next or a seasonal specific offer.
  • Professional presenter – we have a variety to choose from or you may choose one of your team to present. On this point, we generally advise against clients presenting as the small screen is very different to public presenting and some of the most seasoned public speakers don’t translate well to film.

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