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Thanks to our 25+ years of experience working with accountants, you can relax, knowing you are in safe hands.

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Telemarketing for Accountants

Telemarketing for Accountants

Quality appointments in volumes that you can manage

Our most advanced telemarketing programme for accountants, The Edge, has been created exclusively for firms who are ambitious for growth and who demand a consistent flow of hand-picked, high quality, high value clients (that means minimum compliance fees of £3500 pa and almost certainly more added value work). The Edge is the product of years of sales and marketing experience working with accountants – and the results are simply OUTSTANDING! Check these testimonials for yourself.

Telemarketing for your firm – how will it work?

By using The Edge you are taking the risk our of your sales and marketing. You are choosing to work with one of the most experienced sales and marketing specialists for accountants.

  • You benefit from a proven, tried and tested process for firms of all sizes. That means before we pick up the phone we understand your potential client’s business so we are able to get on the right wavelength to speak comfortably at MD/CEO level.
  • You get professionals who make business owners feel at ease with their conversation. Nothing is scripted; the calls are professional and relaxed with the purpose of gaining more information about the business and its relationship with its current accountants.
  • We talk as if we are part of your team. For the purpose of this process, we are.
  • Your telemarketing specialist gives individual thought and planning to each call, using a unique approach based on years of experience in selling for accountants.
  • We tap into the business-owner’s frustrations and sensitively uncover their real needs. Where these clearly match the services you offer, an appointment is arranged.
  • You get a carefully constructed database of local prospects who are selected to match the size, industry and fees value you define. This database is developed and managed by us and becomes the future sales pipeline for your practice.

How can I be confident that it will work for us?

The simple truth is it doesn’t work for all accountancy firms and it’s critical that both you and we are equally confident in each other and in the ability of The Edge to deliver meaningful results. The next step is easy and because we are so intent on getting this part right it’s all at our cost and without obligation.

Simply register for your free Practice Evaluation Session where in just 30 minutes we will understand what your firm is looking for and determine if The Edge is the right service for you in principle.

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