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Sales and Marketing support for accountants

Many of our clients are accountancy firms that are looking for strategic growth but do not have an internal person to head up and drive the sales and marketing forward. In this case, having hands-on support from industry experts for use in away days, partner meetings or during key stages of your growth can enable you to design, develop, implement and track a sales and marketing strategy with recruiting, training and managing additional personnel.

Certain clients require expert, hands-on sales and marketing assistance at a flexible frequency. Others need help more regularly, perhaps on a monthly basis, to make key sales and marketing decisions, drive solutions forward or manage growth.

Support that fits like a glove

Others require assistance less frequently – perhaps quarterly – to help with strategy and implementation at key states or phases in a year.

Our on-tap approach means you can access to the skill, motivation and expertise of thought leaders in the accountancy market, and only when you need it. But that’s not all, our sales partners have the backing and support of our entire in house sales and marketing team as and when required.

The sales partner service is completely bespoke and solutions are designed to fit your budget and requirements like a glove. To discuss your present situation and to discover if this service is right for you please call us on 0800 803 0826 and chat directly with a sales partner.

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