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A database can make the difference of success or failure to any sales and marketing campaign – don’t get your data wrong!

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High Quality UK B2B Marketing Lists for accountants

You can get the message right, you can have the very best direct mail or email shot or the very best sales team in the world, but if you get the data wrong – everything else will be wrong. We have seen companies lose thousands in marketing activity because they wanted to save a few pounds on the data. The right data will make the difference between a disaster and a success so it pays to ensure you get it absolutely right.

No off the shelf marketing lists + free consultancy

Insight will work carefully with you to advise you on how best to focus your list so that you are only targeting your ideal prospects. Prospects that you want to do business with, prospects you know should have a need for the product or service you provide and prospects that will generate a healthy ROI for you. Once we know exactly who you want to target we will then run searches for data available that meets your requirements. With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience we have been using marketing lists longer than most. What is also unusual is that we use data ourselves, because we provide appointment generation, direct mail, and email marketing services. This means that we don’t just provide the data, we use it, know how powerful it is, and what messages to use.

Run a database search today for free

You can run a search with Insight today for free, without charge and without any obligation. Using the latest database analysis we can work closely with you to supply you with a powerful B2B marketing list that fits your budget and requirements like a glove. Simply call us or use the contact us form and our team will give you a call to discuss your search criteria.

Plus we can help write your direct mail or telephone follow up your mail shot

The great thing about working with Insight is whatever stage of the marketing journey you are on, our team are here and able to help. So if you are looking to explore getting a database with a view to doing your own marketing then give us a call and chat with us. We will advise you on the right data, we can chat to you about the right CRM solution for your business – and we’re independent, we don’t resell CRM. You can also chat to us about what you’re going to do with your new data – wherever you end up buying it from. And if you would like we can chat to you about one of our team writing your direct mail material, designing an email shot or carrying out follow up telephone calls for you.

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