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12 financial threats facing every accountancy firm

A warning to the entire accountancy profession

As a savvy accountant, yesterdays news of the UK’s slip into a double dip recession will come as no surprise. The truth is you and I know these are dangerous times for the accountancy profession…

The economy is slowing, unemployment is rising and we have been put on ‘negative watch’ from Fitch, because the country is racked with debt. We all knew that George Osbourne’s latest budget woouldn’t ease this pain – times are tough! And the consequences for accountancy firms, partners, managers and owners could be cataclysmic.

But it’s not the economy, the Eurozone or a double dip our team really care about

Our team of market watchers has an unmatched ability for sensing what’s happening within the profession. They are often spot-on with this type of call and they believe the next 12-24 months will define the future, profitability and sustainability of your firm.

This report is brand new; bang up to date and unique. We have never read a market prediction like it. It’s direct, to the point, blunt in places and deeply worrying in others. So don’t expect guesswork, economic forecasts or speculation over the Eurozone, this report is focused on the 12 most significant threats that will affect every firm, regardless of what the climate does.

Remember it’s written by a team that have an amazing track record. So we urge you to take their latest warning and this free eBook very seriously indeed.

If they’re right, you and your firm are about to live through the biggest shake up of the profession for a generation

I personally urge every practice to download a free copy of these 12 threats without obligation today.

Warm regards,

Joel Oliver | Managing Director | Insight Marketing

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