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Over 25 years experience providing sales and marketing advice, training and implementation solutions for accountants.

About the team at Insight

Insight’s head office is in the North East in Darlington. A carefully chosen strategic location that enables us to serve accountants right across the UK. The strength and experience of this unique team enable Insight to work with carefully chosen clients. Clients that want a relationship with their supplier over the medium – long term and are prepared to partner to get the very best result.

Our team have presented for numerous networks and associations such as UK200, Chartergroup, AVN, PROBIZ, ICAEW, ACCA, The Tax Club, IRIS, Mercia, Accountex, SWAT, Peak Performance, Morrison International and Accountancy Age.

We have worked with firms like Macintyre Hudson, Menzies, Haines Watts, Smith & Williamson, Saffery Champness, Chantrey Vellacott, TaxAssist, Price Bailey, WKH, Silver Levine and Rothman Pantall to name just a few.

But some of our proudest moments have been working with single partner firms, helping them take steps towards growth that has life changing results.

  • Pauline McMaster

    Office Manager

  • David Oliver


  • Joel Oliver

    Managing Director

  • Daniel Richards

    Head of Client Services

  • Andrew Leonard

    Senior Accountant

  • Gillian Harris

    Head of Customer Care

  • Peter Grochowski

    Support Developer

  • Justin Mays

    App Developer

  • David Cooper

    Senior Copywriter

David Oliver | Founder

David Oliver – Founder of Insight, author, trainer and coach

David Oliver MCIM. David is one of the country’s leading experts on sales, marketing and negotiation. He is author of nine books (in 23 languages) including the Sunday Times Publication How To Negotiate More Effectively. David is Associate Director of The Marketing Guild and formerly editor of Strategic Marketing. He regularly travels to Europe and the USA working in clinics and training. David has spoken to over 300,000 people and is one of the countries most sought after consultants in this specialist field.

He has a broad base of industry experience, and has personally developed and secured copyright on the diagnostic tools used. All this means your company have a highly experienced clinician with years of practical results to draw upon. The result? Pragmatic workable solutions enabling your company to generate new levels of business cost effectively.

Joel Oliver | Managing Director | LinkedIn

Joel left school at 16 to work with an outdoor training company under the guise of ‘character building’ perusing his passion for the outdoors. Instructing gave way to a natural flare for business and just 6 years later he had become MD, increasing the companies turnover 6 fold and expanding its operations from ropes courses to coaching to become the number 1 provider of Emotional Intelligence Led coaching. Supplying 25% of the Times top 200 companies before selling out.

Over this time Joel also developed the family business Insight and found that he really enjoyed helping accountancy firms. In the early 1990s Joel set up the dedicated resource site developing the largest opt in community of accountants via email.

Now with over 15 years experience in both online and offline Joel has developed, led and managed many highly successful marketing campaigns. He has written numerous white paper reports distributed within the industry on proven sales and marketing techniques and loves helping clients grow.

Joel enjoys hands on role meeting and talking with clients, helping to develop sales and marketing campaigns that deliver a strong ROI. Employing a rather ‘direct’ approach, not everyone understands nor shares Joel’s passion, but clients who can harness it have seen spectacular results. In addition to running Joel is also Managing Director of leading digital marketing agency Insight Digital Media Limited.

As an organisation Insight has a philosophy of developing quality win-win relationships that will stand the test of time. It is these relationships that make working fun and enable us to give more.

To find out more about Joel and his connections see his LinkedIn Profile.

Outside of work:

There is far more to life than work, work and work at least we think so! Outside of work Joel spends much of his time with his family and creating lots of lifelong mad and wonderful memories. Or with his friends enjoying varied hobbies from salmon fishing, sailing and tree felling to shooting. In a part time capacity Joel is also an assistant pastor at a local church and runs numerous crazy kids groups.

Daniel Richards | Head of Client Services

Daniel has been the head of our lead generation team at Insight for over 10 years and for very good reason. His unique experience in integrated marketing campaigns with outstanding results is second to none. He has personally presented to thousands of business delegates, carried out over 1,000 individual 1:1 consultations and currently advises top international firms to sole traders. He and his team have grown hundreds of firms working to a process that makes up Insight Intelligence C. They have made and monitored over 1 million phone calls, 2 million direct mail pieces, countless email shots and LinkedIn connections. Resulting in thousands of pre-qualified appointments for senior staff to attend.

To our knowledge there is nobody with Daniel’s understanding and experience of integrated lead generation for accountancy firms. It’s little wonder then he is one of the most sought after offline marketing experts, speakers and consultants in the industry.

Outside of work:

In his very early days Dan spent most of his time mountaineering throughout the British Isles, and has been fortunate enough to expedition in places such as Papua New Guinea, The Himalayas, Alps, Alaska, Norway and others. Now, he is older he enjoys the outdoors as much as possible with country sports with his family and friends as well as being active in the leadership in a local church.

Pauline McMaster | Office Manager

Pauline is an extremely talented individual with significant experience and a wealth of knowledge. Having over 30 years experience in both Office and Managerial roles working for organisations such as The Inland Revenue, BT and Orange before joining Insight.

Pauline is a team player, very versatile and an excellent communicator.

Outside of work:

Pauline enjoys travel, eating out and great wines and when we can spare her she particularly enjoys time at her apartment in Tenerife and is an avid sun worshipper.

Andrew Leonard | Senior Accountant

Andrew is a passionate biker and experienced IT professional who loves accountancy. He is the Senior Accountant at Insight with over 9 years accountancy experience in the Motor, Printing and Technology Industry.

Andrew is responsible for the day to day running of the accounts department, as well as preparing management reports.

Andrew should be the first friendly voice you hear when calling our accounts department, and is always willing to help with any queries you may have.

Outside of work:

He is a fan of most motor sports, and gets out most weekends with friends on his motorcycles.

Gillian Harris | App Demo Team

Gillian is the Head of Customer Care and with over 20 years experience in various office roles within large organisations such as RAC Insurance, Orange and the Student Loans Company, she brings with her vast amounts of knowledge and experience which is crucial to the success of our company.

Gillian’s position is Head of Customer Care working with accountancy firms across the UK. Ensuring that they are happy customers and delighted to be working with our team. Helping to boost their offline and online marketing efforts by promoting the services that they offer to prospective clients.

Outside of work:

Out of the office, Gillian enjoys spending time with her family and in particular helping out in her Mother-in-Law’s pub! She is also an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club travelling to as many of their home and away games as she finds possible.

Jordan Dinsdale | Support Developer

One of the younger members of the IDML development team Jordan brings a fresh, creative and modern feel to development projects. Jordan has over 5 years experience in web development, design and web animation along with digital marketing, email marketing and SEO skills.

Jordan is highly adaptable and works with many clients of all sizes helping them with their web development, digital marketing and multimedia requirements. He has an excellent understanding of what works online, what to avoid, and how to implement the right strategies in the most effective manner.

Outside of work:

Jordan usually plays football a couple of nights a week, and when he’s not tearing down the left wing, likes to relax by playing the piano or strumming the guitar.

Michael Pierre | Lead Developer

Mike is a friendly, down to earth, experienced developer that can communicate in plain English – something Insight customers love about him. He joined the Insight team after running his own animation and web development company for 3 years and has become a valuable member to the development team.

Mike has great interpersonal skills combined with strong knowledge of PHP, Liquid, WordPress, Joomla, SEO and SEM along with CSS, HTML and Photoshop. He has worked with small companies across the North East through to large national companies such as CableCom Training, DuPoint, Toyota Europe and Aston Martin.

Outside of work:

Mike loves playing football, painting and working on his animation and development skills.

Marc Davison | Support Developer

Marc is a Lead Developer with over 12 years experience in software development ranging from eLearning systems to complex ecommerce sites. Marc has significant experience producing clean, precise, standards compliant code using his broad range of client and server side skills covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP and JSP.

He has worked for industry giants such as RBS, IKEA, NUF, BMW and the MOD along with smaller customers including scores of start up companies. Marc loves to meet with clients and get to know them, their business and help deliver the perfect solution for their needs.

Outside of work:

Marc continues to add to his skill set and can be found tapping away on his new laptop. His other passions are supporting the mighty reds from L4 (the greatest football team in the history of English football), also reading Lee Childs, Stephen Leather and Ian Rankin. Marc dreams of returning to the judo mat to wreak havoc amongst the senior competitions.

Peter Grochowski | Support Developer

Peter is a highly motivated developer with extensive experience and up to date knowledge of web development, software development and advanced programming. He has an excellent reputation for high-end development work. Possessing excellent problem solving skills, a logical and accurate approach to work and the ability to maintain high standards whilst meeting deadlines. An effective communicator with good planning and organisational capability, Peter is an excellent Lead Developer.

Outside of work:

Peter is an outstanding guitar player, family man and can complete a Rubik’s cube in under 1 minute.

Justin Mays | App Developer

With Justin you get exactly what he says every time. He is a fantastic team member, incredibly experienced and has an uncanny ability to take an idea for and App and turn it into a reality.

Justin started working for our team as an external support person, now over a year on and Justin is working back to back on client projects. Justin is PHP Zend Certified and has been developing in Objective C for over 2 years. He has experience in most languages such as Python, Java, VB etc. He has developed numerous iPhone, IPAD and Android Apps.

Outside of work:

Is there such a place? If there is then we are not sure Justin has seen it :) He loves to spend time with his family, walking the dog and looking at the apple website.

David Cooper | Senior Copywriter

David Cooper, senior copywriter for Insight, is viewed by many as the leader in the field of writing copy for accountancy firms. His experience is unique. Having qualified as an accountant with a top 6 firm, he also worked as a Finance Director and Managing Director before opting for a career in marketing – specialising in writing outstanding sales and marketing copy for companies such as American Express, Diners Club and Nightingale Conant. David has worked alongside some of the world’s greatest marketeers such as Jay Abraham, Bob Proctor, Peter Thomson and Richard Denny and now heads up our copy team. Personally either writing or signing off all clients’ website copy, David works with you to ensure that what is produced blends your expertise with effective, response-driven text designed to bring your website to life.

Here are what a few clients said about David Cooper:

Thanks to your copywriting skills and construction of the mail-pack elements [for Property Investors School] we have a best-selling high-price promotion on our hands. However difficult the task we give you, you always seem to come up with the goodies! Many thanks.”

David Hughes | Nightingale Conant UK

“Bloody brilliant!”

Roy Sheppard | Centre Publishing

“David Cooper takes control and gives me peace of mind, knowing they are focused on my outcomes over the long term. I know I can ask them anything and they will know or find the solution.”

Peter Thomson | Peter Thomson International plc

James Potter | LinkedIn Trainer and Social Media Advisor

One of our senior LinkedIn advisors and networking specialists, James was originally destined for a career in accountancy when in 1986 he discovered networking and sales. He went on to learn four different sales methodologies as well as various other professional disciplines. James has a unique understanding of LinkedIn and its use for business. His experience spreads from smaller companies through to multinational corporations and featured by the Association of chartered and Certified Accountants. James focuses on the tactical skills needed to succeed when networking and how to get the most out of LinkedIn, the world’s largest online, professional, business network.

John Braithwaite | Social Media Expert and Presenter

John has been working with IDML for over 7 years and is a leading authority on digital marketing. John has spearheaded pioneering new approaches to digital marketing for modern companies. John has embraced and developed unique design concepts, effective PPC campaigning (he controls a PPC budget alone of over £20,000 per month), online video production, e-brochure marketing and much more. He is highly regarded by national companies and small businesses alike, as someone with great technical experience.

Company Number: 4708625 | VAT Number: 709329916 by Insight

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