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Help your clients sell

A great way of generating new fee income and helping your customers in the process.

A Great Way Of Generating Additional Fee Income Through A Very Special Arrangement

Over 1000 firms are already benefiting from this very special accountants partnering scheme with BCMS that will generate you passive income – in fact up to 20% practice growth is achievable.

A Way To Help Your Clients Prepare For Exit Now Or In The Future

In the UK, the trust that clients place in their accountant is legendary. And yet so few accountants feel equipped or qualified to help their clients through potential exit strategies, whether that is now, or planning ahead for some point in the future.

It is also common for clients to go elsewhere when they begin the process of thinking through an exit themselves – typically to a corporate finance organisation. In reality this means lost opportunities for you, both from the potential sale, as well as a lost client in terms of future work.

The accountancy partnering programme changes all that.

How Does It Work?

Together with our partner – BCMS Corporate – we will provide you with the tools to enable you to help your clients value their company, and subsequently sell it for its maximum value. You will retain your client before during and after exit, and generate significant financial benefit for your client. The process ensures that your client really does sell their business for its maximum value, (typically 40% above traditional valuations).

Your firm will earn significant, new, and additional fee income, during and after any exit, and likely for many years to come. Plus a whole new range of consultancy services becomes possible, for even more long-term fee growth. Unless you choose to be involved, all the work is done for you and there is absolutely no cost for your firm at any stage.

How Does Our Firm Generate Income From This Process?

It couldn’t be easier! We will help you refer appropriate clients to the BCMS team. Your client benefits from a free seminar place, or a free one-to-one Business Evaluation meeting. If they subsequently choose to appoint BCMS, your firm will be entitled to a pay away and a share of the success fee.

In addition we will show you how to earn additional fee income from the following;

  • Due diligence and shadow due diligence
  • Tax consultancy
  • Funds under management
  • Future investment activities
  • Pension management

You may already have resources in place to provide this, or we will help you locate appropriate providers.

How Much Can We Earn?

It is quite realistic for some firms to see a 20% increase to current fee levels. Of course every situation is different, and offers different levels of reward. To give some ideas we have tabulated a range of potential fees below, from the absolute minimum to the maximum.

Fees from one client who appoints BCMS for their disposal
The range of pay-away fees and generous share of success fees is explained in the Complementary Professional Advisers Clinic. See below to register

Typical minimum fees from other services
Due diligence £2,000
Tax consultancy £10,000
Fund management – passive trail £4,000 p.a.
Pension management £10,000

Typical maximum fees from other services
Due diligence £2,000
Tax consultancy £50,000
Fund management – passive trail £10,000 p.a.
Pension management or future investment £20,000

As An Insight Client Why Should We Partner With BCMS?

The reason is quite simple – this partnering programme helps clients get the maximum value for their business, and enables participating accountants to access a wonderfully lucrative new fee income stream – with no costs and no obligations. Your website will help in all of this.

With over 250 staff and 11 offices internationally, BCMS has been helping accountants to sell client companies for twenty years. On average BCMS is selling one private company every 4 days, averaging 40% more than traditional valuations.

It’s important to note that BCMS is not in competition with accountants in any way, so using this process also means your firm does not lose a client. Effectively you are able to bolt on an M&A service to your firm – instantly.

What Do We Get And How Does It Work With Insight?

You will be provided with all the collateral you need (free of charge) to take advantage of the partnering scheme. This includes all you need to host a specially dedicated webpage on your site, enabling you to attract interest from clients and prospects alike.

What’s The Next Step?

It’s easy! If you have one or more clients who could well be interested, or if you want to explore this new fee income stream, just tell us you are interested and we will arrange a complementary Professional Advisers Clinic on the telephone where in 30 minutes or less, one of our senior team will take you through the scheme, explaining in detail how it works for you and your clients, as well as showing you how you can also take advantage of the full range of collateral.

There is genuinely no cost and no obligation at any stage of this partnering scheme and the BCMS programme is endorsed by; Accountancy Age, Coutts Bank, HSBC, Alliance Bernstein, Kleinwort Benson, AVN and of course Insight Marketing.


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