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Making a decision on a new provider can be daunting, especially if you don’t know them already. That’s why we have listed a selection of testimonials rather than just 20 or 30 to give you complete peace of mind that Insight really is a leading provider of online and offline sales and marketing solutions for accountants.
Very thought provoking session, came away with lots of new and innovative ideas
David Jones FCCA BA(Hons) Xero Gold Partner Director, Accountant and Xero Expert at 7 Accounts Dan is exceptional at what he does. His ideas and suggestions have completely changed our company image and aided us greatly with attracting new clients. Dan has also saved us money by helping us really target our marketing. Dan, I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to working with you in the future
Paul J Castle The UK’s Business Money Expert This week I attended a conference in which Daniel gave a 45 minute presentation. He provided a very sound synopsis of the best ways to market professional services in the current highly competitive environment both on and off line. He was clearly very confident and very professional and although he used slides it was definitely not a case of “death by power point”. Well done Daniel for doing an excellent job.
John Toppin Bigger profits | Better cashflow | Actionable plans | Effective bonuses | Greater value | Agencies & professional firms Daniel is clearly an expert in sales and marketing in the professional services arena and combines that with patience and the ability to communicate to non marketeers. I would recommend that any accountancy firms, consulting firms or lawyers who are looking to grow their client base talks to him.
A vision of the future comes true When I looked at the App from MyFirmsApp I got a glimpse of the future in more ways than one. From a technology perspective I could see how the App was the way it was all going. Almost all our clients use smartphones or tablets and Apps are a fantastic modern way we could reach them. But I could also see how the App would do more than just aid client engagement and help us stand out. I could see one of our clients talking with a friend, perhaps over a pint and one asking the other who their accountants are. I could see them showing them, not just telling them about us, but physically showing them who they use on their phone. With my App now live I am pleased to say that my instinct was right. Just last week one of my clients was chatting to a friend, they asked him ‘who are your accountants?’. He showed them the App, they downloaded the App there and then and contacted us through it to arrange a meeting. For us thats nothing short of awesome. But its not stopped there, my brother stood up at BNI and did a short 10 minute presentation on the App. At the end of the presentation the chair explained that was the very best presentation they had ever heard. What’s more they all downloaded the App. Finally giving us something tangible to promote our professional but intangible service.
We chose MyFirmsApp as we wanted to differentiate as a firm and continue to be at the cutting edge of technology with clients and prospects. Along with the App which has been created for us – we also chose a marketing pack to help us easily promote and distribute our new App. We were particularly pleased that even before we began marketing it, we had won 2 clients who had found our App and enquired through it! This has already paid for the App and we now look forward to marketing it with earnest and enjoying the results from that.
I knew having an App would differentiate us. What I underestimated was by how much and in how many different ways. We have had PR articles, people sharing feedback with us on the App stores. It’s strengthened our message of being proactive, forward thinking innovators and helped us become even more visibly different than our competitors. Clients love it; I mean not just downloading it or using it once or twice. They were engaging with it, some of them multiple times each day. And each time they did, our branding and name was in front of them. And all for such a small investment of money. And best of all it doesn’t require any of my time to manage it.
I knew having an App would differentiate us. What I underestimated was by how much and in how many different ways. We have had PR articles, people sharing feedback with us on the App stores. It’s strengthened our message of being proactive, forward thinking innovators and helped us become even more visibly different than our competitors. Clients love it; I mean not just downloading it or using it once or twice. They were engaging with it, some of them multiple times each day. And each time they did, our branding and name was in front of them. And all for such a small investment of money. And best of all it doesn’t require any of my time to manage it.
We are delighted with our App which was designed by the team at MyFirmsApp. The process was simple and the cost extremely competitive. It gives us great content in two sections – first the tax tables and really helpful calculators, and second the content we can update ourselves, helping us keep clients and potential clients updated with news and events at Alexander & Co and different ways we have helped clients. It’s a fantastic marketing tool with links to our blog, website and social media.
We are in changing times where access to information needs to be fast and accurate. Clients are become more savvy with the latest software and having an App shows to them that our firm is on the same page and looking into the latest working methods. We have had some very positive feedback from clients on our New App
We’ve learned a lot from developing the new app with Daniel & his team at MyFirmsApp. We believe our new app is an excellent way of introducing ourselves to new clients.
I would wholeheartedly recommend MyFirmsApp and the App solution to any accountancy firm or 2020 member wanting to embrace their mobile clients.
I always want to go the extra mile for my clients and when I heard about having an app for my practice I was very excited by the idea given the recent trends for social media and mobile technology. I love the key dates, calculators and tax tables as they are very useful to my clients but the app also provides another easy way for clients to keep in touch and up to date. The ability of the app to also promote my business to those downloading the app, having a chance to find out about me and my practice, what services I offer and a link to my website is great. It has also given me something interesting to talk about on social media and something different to offer. The team at Insight media have been very helpful and adaptable to my needs providing help all along the way.
Members of 2020 are looking to be different from the run-of-the-mill accountancy practices. That differentiation can be further enhanced by using the services of Insight and MyFirmsApp. We have been utilising their services over the last 3 to 4 years and are delighted by the results. Why not see what they could do for you?
As a leading proactive Scottish Accountancy firm for over 45 years, and ICAS member, seeing the MyFirmsApp solution is one of the most exciting things I’ve encountered in my career. It’s a genuine breath of fresh air!
Choosing an App through MyFirmsApp has given us a strong differentiator in an increasingly competitive market. Our clients expect us to be innovating for them and our new App – which is as close to bespoke as possible without paying those high prices – is a terrific way to show them we care. They enjoy using it, it improves our interaction with them and it will continue to play a valuable role in our marketing as a Firm. It is also great to know we get the ongoing support from the team at MFA who continue to develop for us, plus can share ideas and provide input in how to get the most from this tool and mobile technology. Simply put, our App says a lot about us to our customers, prospects and affiliates – without us needing to say anything at all.
I shared the App with 1500 of my clients, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So for us the App had already more than paid for itself. However its benefit to our firm has not stopped there. We promote it on our site, its help increase web traffic and given us a great conversation piece when meeting new clients. One example is a prospect who came to see me, he had already met with 3 local firms. The meeting was going well, and towards the end of the meeting I showed him the Zaidi & Co App. The client was impressed; it was one thing that the other 3 firms didn’t offer. He signed up with us that afternoon, and part of that success is down to the Zaidi & Co App developed by MyFirmsApp.
We met with MyFirmsApp at ICAS Edinburgh offices at a meeting arranged by ICAS. The meeting was great, exceedingly helpful and subsequently we chose to get an App built for our firm. They took the time to understand our goals and needs, to explain the market place and options we have. Not only did the App look great but the entire process from order to getting our very own App approved by Apple and Google has been smooth, professional and highly efficient throughout. Highly recommended and refreshing to have made a decision and then have our App live so quickly. We look forward to marketing it now and continuing to be on the cutting edge as a firm.
Thank you to the Team at Insight for developing Thoburn & Chapman’s new App. It looks absolutely great and the content is spot on for our needs of helping our clients get easy access to important info and getting us in the shop window of potential customers who fit our ideal client profile. It seems to be doing both jobs really well for a minimal investment. The feedback from our clients has been 100% in favour. Well done!
Tower Hill Associates Limited, an Accredited Financial Planning Firm and Chartered Financial Planners have developed a strong brand in the Richmond and Surrey area which needed protecting in an increasingly competitive digital world. Having heard Daniel Richards of Insight Marketing present at an IFP event I could not only tell that he “knew his stuff” but also that helping professional services firms with their branding and digital marketing was a particular niche of the firm. During follow up conversations I became more and more relaxed about working with the team and could see that their specialist industry expertise/knowledge combined with 30+ years of sales and marketing experience would help Tower Hill Associates to improve their social media and digital marketing. Whilst it is relatively early days, I can confirm that so far they have been professional, helpful and diligent and I am happy to recommend them to other financial service companies looking for expert sales and marketing assistance.
We have had successful websites for years but working with Insight has significantly improved our enquiry rate – and we thought it was good before.
Thank you very much for helping us with the E Privacy rules and cookie law. It was something which needed to be done quickly. The whole process was painless, took less than ten minutes of my time and within 48 hours my website was compliant. Well Done.
This conference has helped demystify the world of social media in the accountancy world although has raised a number of things to consider further
Great day thanks
A very worthwhile day out of a busy schedule
Very interesting
An excellent day of thought provoking information – now the challenge to put everything into practice and enable the growth of a business through social media in addition to an existing marketing strategy
An excellent intense course on social media
Thought provoking insight into how to use social media to grow and develop your business
Excellent value for money with numerous time saving tips in addition to a steer through the world of social media
A very useful and thought provoking day
Good presentation of key areas of social media and its use as a marketing tool
Information easy on the ear and thoroughly useful
Excellent day clearly explaining the best use of social networking – the way forward
Excellent day
A Good overview, but for me more detail re LinkedIn and less on others sites would have been useful
Very informative and valuable day, covered a lot of ground
A full on day with lots of great content and stuff to implement tomorrow
Lots of useful tips from a very knowledgeable team, Good value
A very full and enjoyable presentation, leaving me with a lot to do but a clear idea of how to move forward
Thoroughly interesting and valuable day with consistently engaging presenters. I feel far more equipped to tackle the ever modernising effect of social media
Great day, mindboggling at times but very informative and useful
An outstanding social media course which not only clearly explains how to optimise using social media platforms but to do so in an integrated manner making the time commitment perfectly manageable
Great day, packed full of useful nuggets. Presenters happy to explain the practical aspects and patient in understanding the variable skills of the audience
Now more enthusiastic about business benefits of social networking
Excellent day, well worth the time and effort
Great speakers also get their subject matter over in a forthright and interesting manner
Very informative course and useful advice
An excellent day to integrate what is possile with social media and more importantly, what is absolutely necessary
An excellent course, my knowledge of social media is so much greater after today and I have some ideas to implement that are not time consuming or costly
Very good, lots relevant ideas squeezed into one dayJones CooperInspiring and extremely informative and useful – Real benefits and tips to go and use
A useful and interesting insight (no pun intended) into the world of social media with helpful tips on how to maximise its potential
Good session which covered all aspects of social media and how it affects accountants. A lot to talk in though and we will need more help and guidance
I have learnt a massive amount today thanks to an excellent seminar, clearly and expertly delivered by insight marketing
Having embraced social media for a while now, Whitehead & Aldrich are certainly “ahead of the game”, however, the sntw course today has given us many useful tips and suggestions to move things forward. Thanks for a clear, concise and very professional course that I would certainly recommend.
The course was excellent, kept fresh through 4 different speakers spoke regarding specialised social media forms, although different areas it was practical and harmonious.
A very useful seminar with many practical insights into how to utilise social media in practice together with some of the tools to aid implementation.
A superb overview of the huge benefits and pitfalls of social media for accountants.
An eye opener
Excellent day! something we will continue to embrace
This is the third event that I have been to and I always leave with fresh new ideas to implement.
Great ideas by excellent speakers. The ideas are easily implemented and wonder why we hadn’t taken these steps months ago!
Excellent well delivered presentations which I extremely informative and easy to understand.
Each member of the insight team offers relevent and practical advice in their specialist areas and is a pleasure to listen to – inspiring me in supporting our firm
All of the presenters were very knowledgeable and have inspired me to embrace social media as a way to retain and reach clients.
Another great day by Insight Marketing – thank you
Presenters great and very enjoyable q&a with each, thanks for a really informative day, well presented and thoroughly and learned a lot.
For me personally, ideas about how to manage different social platforms there was a huge amount of information to take in – it was a packed day – too much info.
A not to be missed event for anyone who’s serious about social networking or simply wants to know more about what’s possible. Highly recommended.
I found the day very enlightening. It is amazing what can be done without too much money investment. It clearly takes heart, and the journey ahead needs perseverance, but I think the course show it can be done.
Great to see how it all hangs together; social media, on line & offline marketing and website optimisation. Well worth the cost and a day well spent. Also good to catch up with some familiar faces.
Attending SNTW has allowed us to harness many insights gained from previous seminars, it has and will continue us to sell the service we provide online and offline. Very useful & we continue to strive to make a further return on investment in future.
A fast moving and enjoyable journey explaining the logic and possible strategies available for social networking and engagement.
Excellent day! something we will continue to embrace
This has been a very useful insight into the powerful effects of using various types of social media types as part of a marketing initiative.
I found that all speakers built on each other’s presentations and consolidated the need and benefits of social media for my company. Excellent seminar. Very informative, really opened my eyes.
The course gave a wide range of ideas and solutions with respect to adding value through social networking ,which were relevant, cost effective and in some cases very easy to implement.
Gave me a greater insight into various aspects of social networking.
A real eye opener. Much to work on, practice and then integrate.
SNTW provided so many valuable ideas and “how to’s” in a concise format on the day that even social media virgins will go away with tool to make a start and develop from there.
A very insightful day, lots to think about after clear and concise information provided by the insight team. Would certainly recommend to anyone interested in setting up a social presence online.
A very insightful day, lots to think about after clear and concise information provided by the insight team. Would certainly recommend to anyone interested in setting up a social presence online.
I picked up some really useful tips that are simple but effective. Looking forward to putting them into use.
All very very relevant.
For someone who didn’t know where to start with social media networking it has given me a lot of practical information and advice to take back and implement in my business.
Outstanding speakers that made a really sceptical subject, extremely interesting, fun & sold the concept brilliantly.
Well presented. We just need to act!
Having attended similar seminars I was a little dubious of the value I would get but I felt I needed to ensure I was up to speed. This was one of the best decisions I have made- there was a considerable amount of material that was really of a practical nature. This should not be missed by any practice that is serious about going forward.
A very interesting day which provided lots of practical advice and more food for thought
Really useful practical tips.
Very useful, with several great ideas. As a small firm there was probably too much for us to implement immediately. We need to take one or two things and move ahead quickly.
As a sole practitioner I have had a continual worry that I have been missing a trick with social networking, but had no idea how to learn and start exploiting this new resource. Today I am not only fully clued up but really motivated to get on and see just how much I can now improve my practice through social media.
I enjoyed this seminar, it was very informative and will probably be in touch with Insight sooner than they would probably like.
I attended this SNTW seminar on May 2nd 2012 thinking I know a lot about social media, Having been a regular user of it for 18 months now with excellent results. After taking 5 pages of ‘to do’ and learning notes clearly there is a lot more to it than I thought.
I have had the pleasure of working with David Oliver for some years now and found him to be a man of integrity and an expert in his field as well as an outstanding speaker.
Great day, but more relevant for partners than the marketing team.
Dan and Insight marketing know the accountancy marketplace inside out. They know exactly the challenges that accountants face with marketing and business development.The workshops that Insight Marketing run are excellent and definitely worth a day of time to attend. You will have a much greater understanding of marketing and business development when you leave. The speakers at the workshops are not only interesting but they will give you great tips and ideas on the things you need to do to move your practice forward when you leave the workshop.We have done some project work with Insight over the years, but even though they don’t get regular business from us, Dan keeps in touch on a regular basis. Exactly what accountants should be doing with their business development programme!
We invited Insight Marketing to present at our main IRIS World event in London. They gave a practical look at Social Media from an accountants’ perspective – providing observations, suggestions and ideas to help firms develop their online social presence. The talk was very well received and feedback from our delegates was extremely positive. We hope to work with them in future events.
Well structured, enthusiastic speakers.
Thought provoking session that gave interesting direction towards adaptable and forward marketing.
A wake up call.
A real eye opener! The session illustrated where I cannot only find opportunities, but also how to exploit them.
Good session and food for thought on utilizing digital media in a more measured, integrated manner.
Good, solid, relevant content. I particularly appreciated the non-sales approach. Much food for thought, thank you.
More great ideas from Insight
I found the taster session useful and made me realise how many possible marketing strategies exist.
Great venue, great canapés, great people and presentation.
A very interesting, 1-hour seminar – great ideas galore!
An essential and must attend event for any firm looking to grow in the continually evolving digital age.
A fast, topical and realistic evening that was also great fun.
Plenty of food for thought on a subject which undoubtedly will be at the heart of every successful future firm.
A great, highly professional ‘insight’ into the changing landscape of online marketing and digital technology for professional firms.
Great champagne and canapés in addition to many excellent ideas.
A highly informative evening session.
A great evening well presented thank you.
The session was very informative and the speakers delivered so well. The ideas provided are all areas that we can use in our business to help us grow.
This great day has opened our eyes to the possibilities and opportunities available online.
A highly informative day with lots of ideas to implement. Great speakers with good examples and illustrations.
This seminar helped me to start thinking about LinkedIn, Emailing marketing and our digital marketing strategy. I am leaving feeling confident on growing my practice steadily through online marketing. Thanks to David, Dan and the whole team at Insight. I would very much like to do business with you all the time and over time.
As a paperless office for over 2 years now we feel that Wells Associates are a forerunner within IT. Insight Marketing had previously been introduced to Pay Per Click and although we already act on some of what was discussed today we will still leave with many ideas and new initiatives to act on.
An excellent presentation.
Excellent, well presented, thought provoking material.
I believe it was excellently well presented and does highlight the way for when attempting to embrace digital marketing for your firm.
High quality of knowledge and ideas which were presented in a clear and practical way to help us take action.
A very clear and concise seminar on the nature of digital marketing which is the future that all accountants must embrace.
I have now attended two Insight Marketing events in 2011. As a sole practitioner whose available time to spend on marketing is extremely limited, these courses are invaluable as a practical approach to help grow my firm. I would recommend them as a great investment of your time and money.
It was very surprising to realise how many common pitfalls applied to us. A very helpful day, learning how to get it right.
I must admit that I was very skeptical to start with but this one-day was amazing. I have picked up so many nuggets of information. I will definitely be attending more Insight events – thank you for a great day.
The London DMTW seminar by Insight was informative, thought provoking and uplifting in providing even small firms can punch well above their weight by using logical, targeting, well positioned sales and marketing.
An excellent event! The speakers delivered information in an highly interactive and interesting manner. I believe this course has taught me additional ways to gain quality leads for our firm.
A well put together, informative and thought provoking event. I am coming away with many ideas that we are looking forward to applying to our practice.
Very interesting and very useful – but so much information to act on at once. We will be attending your next, full day event.
Excellent session – good overview of the key elements of an overall marketing strategy.
A lively, quick-fire session with lots of ideas to keep us interested, even at 7pm in the evening.
A useful taster to digital marketing in all it’s forms.
It was a very useful taster of how to focus my marketing strategy and develop an action plan.
Inspired us to improve our marketing strategy
An excellent day full of useful, essential information for any firm seriously wanting to grow.
Informative, useful and entertaining
Interesting stream of ideas – almost a waterfall! Well worth an hour of everyone’s time.
Well worth the 2 hour drive if only to show me how much more I need to do. Truly informative and thought provoking. The next 6 months are going to be busy.
A good variety of speakers who were all highly informed in their respective areas of expertise. Not a stuffy or boring lecture, an interesting and thought provoking day!
Even though we are a small company, a lot of the information today will help us in a very cost effective manner.
“Harry’s Father” was an entertaining part of a very informative digital marketing programme run by Insight Marketing that only inspired and growth-looking accountants should attend.
A thoroughly enjoyable workshop. I have come away with a lot of good ideas. I just need to decide which to implement first.
A good overview of the digital marketing world – Insight’s Marketing Expertise.
Most interesting and highly useful.
The Insight team have challenged our preconceptions regarding our marketing focus, making a clear case for online and offline effort integrating for best effect and return on investment.
An extremely useful and thought provoking day – it’s definitely the future and anyone who remains in denial will soon come to regret it.
Interesting and thought provoking.
The course was delivered in a professional, confident and insightful manner, giving clear and practical advice, which I am sure, cannot fail in helping the business grow.
Great energy from the presenters and excellent content content – overall a very informative and enjoyable event.
A very impressive integrated approach to marketing for accountants – thank you
Insight presenters are very personable and informative. They have opened my eyes to digital marketing and social media.
High energy fast paced, but circumspect and effective.
An incredibly useful day with excellent speakers and focused presentations, providing loads of information and ideas to take away and implement.
This was the most useful seminar that I have ever attended. Interesting, relevant and the presenters were engaging, giving me personal tuition during the day. Priceless!
Just like the ‘Grow your firm’ workshop in the summer. There were lots of great ideas and things we can try out. Today I am taking away many tips which will help me with my digital marketing campaigns
Left the day with numerous ideas that I could easily implement with in my practice.
Packed a lot of great material into punchy sessions
The session was very useful to us as it opened my eyes in terms of the future of marketing accountancy services.
To the point, detailed and practical.
As with my previous experience with Insight. A fantastic seminar with focused, practical advice that we can choose to do myself or outsource to any supplier we might choose.
Powerful! Fast paced, informative and really quite interesting! Makes you want to go and do something
I am now exhausted and yet totally enthused by the amount of insights from today
Very useful, all four speakers were very good and highly thought provoking. Fast, interactive and great advice
Brilliantly presented
The session was extremely well presented. I have taken a great deal from this event especially in relation to LinkedIn, Apps and email marketing. I would always consider attending any relevant future events.
The day was carefully structured to enable us to build on ideas. With lots of content we don’t currently use but could implement and use more.
A well paced day, full of useful content and ideas that all accountancy firms can implement.
An excellent very well organised day ran in a highly professional manner. Today’s session was worth attending for the LinkedIn sessions alone.
Packed with content, a lot to think about but exciting to implement!
A very illuminating day on key topics.
The Insight team has provided a very detailed insight into the key areas to focus on with Social Media and digital marketing. Including the dos and don’ts of using social media to win new business. – Excellent.
I found today very informative. Even though some of the concepts suggested we have tried but feel after today we could do these better and in a more integrated manner.
Professional, punchy presentations, jam packed full of useful tips, ideas and information.
Practical, informative and insightful. Well worth a day of my time.
Great value for money. I have come away with a number of ideas that we intend to employ when I get back to the office – thank you.
A great day, informative and thought provoking
Today’s session made me aware of how far behind we are slipping as a firm. But gave us a structured approach to how we can make use of Digital Marketing in a cost effective manner.
We travelled from Kilkenny in Ireland to meet with Insight in Birmingham to listen to their team present on practice growth. The day was superb and was far more than we were expecting. The entire Insight team were professional, the material was relevant, and it was very clear that Insight has a wealth of experience helping firms of all sizes to grow. As an accountancy practice ourselves we would not hesitate in recommending Insight or their events for other firms looking to successfully grow their practice.
Insight Marketing helps accountants to achieve their marketing goals and grow their firms.
An encouraging day showing we are generally doing what we should be, we just need to work harder on the final stages. LinkedIn presentation was extremely helpful and something we will go away and action.
A fascinating day with a mass of information which I can take and use to make my business more successful.
I found the day very enjoyable as the content was relevant and the presenters encouraging. It was particularly interesting because it was targeted at accountants.
As a firm we are hoping to initiate some marketing activities having previously relied on referrals only. The event today provided an invaluable introduction which I’m sure will help us focus our efforts going forward.
I found every session of the course very interesting and have taken away practical points in each area that I will look to implement in my firm, particularly with regards to increasing possibilities offered by LinkedIn.
Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – found the information and presentations easy to understand and listen to. I am looking forward to implementing strategies in my place of work/business.
Eye opening – a lot of it you feel you know but when you go into details you find Insight are experts. Thinking seriously on how I can work with Insight.
An excellent day – a number of very practical steps we can implement immediately and many more for the longer term.
So far the appointments have been very good and very nice people who we could really work with. They have all had quotes and I have followed up 2 with a request to follow up again in 2 weeks. The other 2 were due for follow up today but I have not been able to speak to either of them. I am very pleased with the leads you have generated so far and will be even more pleased if we can bring them on board.
I just wanted to thank you for the work you are doing and the quality of the leads. In the eight calling days you have undertaken so far we have been on seven appointments… just to say I think you are brilliant and it’s great to have you on our side.
I have found Insight to be a very professional company, my contact with you, Dan, has always reinforced my belief that I have you and your teams best endeavors on my behalf. In my view the telephone team are exceptional in their abilities, I couldn’t do it, My ego will only allow me to be rejected so often.
I found the session exceedingly interesting and at times uplifting, In honesty David Oliver deserved a far more receptive audience as how he kept so upbeat with such little interaction is probably the reason he is one of the best in the business anyway. Had to rush at the end but would love to get copies of all of the CD’s etc as didn’t get time to queue
An enjoyable day with surprising insights into essential aspects of digital marketing.
This was a real benefit to attend; taking away information which can easily be put into action with confidence.
Thank you for an interesting workshop – we certainly found it valuable and look forward to our continued joint relationship.
Fantastic seminar – thank you. All subjects relevant and well presented. Some brilliant tips and advice – feel quite empowered!
Today was a very useful day out of the office. I hope the practice will benefit tremendously.
An eye-opening day that took an accountant out of his comfort zone and really focussed his mind on how clients and prospects think.
The day had proved stimulating and enlightening, producing specific marketing targets and changes to implement.
Insightful advice to grow the business and focus our marketing efforts – many thanks for an informative day.
I previously ignored Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click) because I presumed it to be very expensive and more suitable for larger business. After watching the insight DVD I developed a spreadsheet of over 2,000 keywords and uploaded them to a new Adwords account for my firm. In just 2 months there has been an immediate increase in enquires and we have already made a return on the investment in terms of new clients. I wish we would have done it 12 months ago before all our competitors did.
Thank you very much for your time this morning, we all found the Practice Development Session a really useful exercise, particularly as we got to focus on where we want to go as a practice.We will be discussing the action plan tomorrow and will come back to you then, there is no doubt in my mind that we can work with you going forward.
This has been a very worthwhile course. Although I could ‘tick some of the boxes,’ I found glaring gaps and a lack of structure in our marketing approach. Superb speakers; kept us all very focused and incredibly entertained.
Each year we have a partners away day to focus on the most important issues facing our firm and our strategic goals. We have found that external facilitation has focused and produced great results which we have been able to drive through ourselves in subsequent partners meetings. We brought Insight in to work with us one such away day. The facilitation they gave, the experience and proven ideas they were able to offer helped contribute to one of the very best and most productive days we’ve had. Genuine advice, appropriate direction and clear outcomes. Thank you.
A wide ranging series of presentations – thought provoking and well delivered.
Our senior management team first heard David Oliver and the Insight team in Paris with 80 other accountants at an international convention. Their ability to present with passion and inspiration and their ability to combine online and offline marketing for proven results meant they were presenters of choice for our own MHA inaugural conference. I have no hesitation in recommending David Oliver & the Insight team for firms that are looking to grow.
You only need to take one good idea away from a seminar like this to benefit and I took several – thank you for a great day.
Excellent value for money, the presentations were excellent and highly informative and no sales pitch – what a relief. I brought my two fellow partners along 3 days of partner time? Well worth it!
Often the promotional brochure for a seminar raises expectations to a point that the content never meets. This seminar met expectations fully which is some feat given the quality of the promotional brochure.
Great content, great reminders, great new ideas. Excellent, practical advice and tips that can be tailored and applied to our practice.
The seminar has given me great insight into how to take our business forward. It has given us a lot of food for thought. Great overview of info in one day with ideas on how to follow up.
Thought provoking and grateful for the upfront knowledge enabling us to grow in any climate.
Great range of advice given in entertaining and engaging ways, lots to take away and work with.
Great range of advice given in entertaining and engaging ways, lots to take away and work with.
Very informative and all relevant material covered.
I found all the content of the day both engaging and highly interesting. I have left with many ideas to invest into building the practice.
An excellent event, I fully enjoyed the how to grow your firm in 2011 – and beyond day. A well paced, focused and thought proving experience. Describing challenges to my practice but giving me the knowledge and belief that the solutions and positive outcomes are achievable with application and effort, very useful and thought provoking.
An excellent and insightful event from which I take away several ideas.
The LinkedIn sessions pointed the way forward to maximise the benefits of investing time in digital networking – an excellent day.
Today was a great event, I have come away with concepts and ideas that will impact hugely on our business if developed and implemented properly by us.
We sent two partners and today was a real eye opener, we learned a lot and it was exceptional value. We have lots of great ideas we can implement.
A thought provoking seminar that opened up my mind to new marketing techniques and changes from traditional methods.
A brief note to thank you and the Insight Team for the excellent day’s education and motivation last Wednesday, at the Belfry. I was unable to fault the course on any front. Content, timing, presentation, quality and subject matter all received top marks. The resulting warm, fuzzy feeling stayed with me through the weekend. Congratulations on a first class, professional event, and well done one and all.
Enjoyed the day very much. It has highlighted how much I need to do to move forward – thank you.
The insight marketing team explained interesting and straightforward practical strategies for accountancy practices to improve their service offering and grow their firms. Very well presented.
We have used Insight to carry out direct marketing and lead follow up for a selection of our firms. The service we have received has been very professional and has resulted in some good leads being generated. I would be happy to recommend Insight.
The work done by Insight has been excellent albeit on a deliberately fairly small campaign. The real value to us is in the clever structuring of the questions to illicit response. The summary report and assessment provided by the Team gives real value. The whole campaign has been more than paid for by a couple of pieces of work than were sold by Insight on the up sell.
We have been really impressed with Insight and their turnaround time, we marketed by email for our event with relatively short notice and the team at Insight produced the information, sent it out and followed it up, all within a tight time scale and produced us some great results, capturing really useful data along the way. We would be happy to recommend the services of Insight.
Our new website has certainly generated extremely positive feedback from our clients who have commented that the website now really gives our company the WOW factor compared to it’s very basic predecessor.
Having returned to my practice, fully enthused even in these difficult times, several of my key clients were disappointed I did not ask them to go to David Oliver’s excellent and still memorable presentation. They will not be disappointed for future presentations – we all will be coming.
Getting some really good feedback from clients, friends and prospects about the new video. Website traffic up by over 16% on the month as well since I trialed some ad word campaigns. Also got some interested in getting one done for themselves.
Having listened to David Oliver at his public events for accountants, and read some of his material, his 20 years of sales and marketing experience with accountants, means that his principles and insights are earthed in reality, they are utterly pragmatic and are easy for accountancy firms small and large to put into practice and make a difference to the bottom line.
Insight Marketing have created a first class e-brochure for us that has proven instrumental in the setting of appointments, has helped clarify our message to the market place and gives us a dynamic and relatively low cost piece of sales literature
Working with Insight Digital Media has future-proofed our digital marketing. We are confident because we know there is an experienced digital team on tap to develop, improve and perform for us. Their design skills are excellent, and we are very pleased with the quality of work.
I have enjoyed working with Insight as a company and with Joel very much. Their input has been appreciated over the last period and the focus that they gave me and our practice was a part of the large expansion we have achieved, in conclusion then, I have had good value from their services.
As a dynamic and proactive firm of accountants we believe we can make a real and positive difference to our clients and of course to all those businesses out there that are not currently using us! We recognise our strengths and also recognise the benefit in having expert, experienced, outsourced sales and marketing support on tap. Insight have quickly become a valuable member of our team, the strategy created, the refining of our proposition and the physical results already being generated have been very encouraging. We look forward to a great year of growth and making full use of the team and resource we now have available at Insight.
What you brought when you came was not necessarily rocket science but was good and certainly gave the rocket fuel to get on and do something about it! A strategic time well worth having every 3-6 months.
We have used Insight for over 3 years to assist with our practice growth and new business generation. Over this time they have delivered great results, helped us win some cherished customers and help us focus our sales and marketing efforts. Their focus on quality means we take new opportunities they create very seriously and they are a great use of our senior teams time. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Insight have been honest and down to earth throughout our relationship. They have managed our expectations well. This has meant that what they said would happen – has. Following our pilot campaign we have made a good return on our investment and are now continuing to use Insight for both our high level appointment generation and our digital marketing. We are very happy knowing we have the experience of Insight on tap and look forward to another year of growth.
Insight have been honest and down to earth throughout our relationship. They have managed our expectations well. This has meant that what they said would happen – has. Following our pilot campaign we have made a good return on our investment and are now continuing to use Insight for both our high level appointment generation and our digital marketing. We are very happy knowing we have the experience of Insight on tap and look forward to another year of growth.
Working with Insight has certainly opened my eyes to using Pay Per Click marketing to improve website performance. We have won two major local clients this year alone, on the sort of spend you’d barely get a quarter page in the press. I am impressed. Therefore, I can say without a doubt that this has proved to be the most profitable marketing.
An excellent day, very interesting throughout with lots of positive ideas in a good venue.
An excellent event, highly informative especially the digital marketing section.
This event has got me thinking about exactly how to expand our practice. It’s also been very helpful to get away and concentrate the mind on the future growth of our firm.
We love working with you Dan and the team at Insight and were extremely impressed by the video you team did for us. As a small local practice it gave us great presence and received great feedback from our current clients and potential customers. Thanks guys.
You only need to take one good idea away from a seminar like this to benefit and I took several – thank you for a great day
The course covered lots of material that is relevant to my role and when I implement the many ideas I am confident my firm and I will be better and more successful at business development.
Thank you for a very informative seminar on the various marketing methods specifically aimed at accountants and for understanding the industry well. Great food for thought.
I have attended several of the Insight workshops and presentations over the years and believe David Oliver and his team provide valuable content for firms looking to grow their client base. We invited David and Insight to run a seminar with us for our clients and key prospects, which was a great success. I would certainly recommend any firm serious about growing their client base to attend an Insight event…
Thoroughly enjoyed the day and an absolute asset for a “Novice” at marketing.
I have been really impressed with Insight and their turnaround time, we marketed by email for our event with relatively short notice and the team at Insight produced the information, sent it out and followed it up, all within a tight time scale and produced us some great results, capturing really useful data along the way. I would be happy to recommend the services of Insight.
Worth the time and money.
I relearned the power of marketing as a tool for growth, particularly in respect of LinkedIn which appears to be a very interesting networking site.Gutteridge ScanlanVery informative. Opened my eyes to a lot of missed opportunities and very low cost possibilities.
Immediately relevant and specific training to produce new outcomes and increase profitability.
Very informative session confirmed marketing techniques that had been forgotten and gave great new ideas.
A useful amalgam of all things I needed to know about trends in marketing and their implementation.
A thought provoking, entertaining and at times inspirational event. I took away some really useful nuggets which I think will make a difference to my business development efforts.
Excellent atmosphere!
Has been lucky enough to grow my practice without intensive marketing. I have become complacent over recent years the results have stayed static, the course has opened my eyes to the tools and methods to grow my practice.
Don’t just take this day out from work, take another two at least to put the ideas into action!
Very useful day and glad I attended. Some very handy tips from presenters with experience.
A very useful and relevant day which will directly benefit my practice. A very high standard of professional presentations – well done.
Fantastic news the above are now a client of Spofforths fee £10,800 per annum (£900 per month). Hopefully the first of many more conversions!
Inspirational and practical tips that don’t or won’t be costly to implement.
Content was focused on businesses like mine, the speakers were all very knowledgeable and interesting.
Informative, and has left me with the challenge to impart knowledge to my partners.
A delight! Some nuggets of truth and a lot of superb steerage.
This seminar was a brilliant investment. I learned a great deal and they commanded my attention throughout.
This was extremely useful and will help me a great deal in what to focus on in marketing my firm.
Formerly with Ernst and Young and now having many accountancy clients myself I am very careful who I recommend. I wholeheartedly recommend Insight and their workshops to my customers and other firms looking to grow.
An excellent day, very interesting throughout with lots of positive ideas in a good venue.
A compelling case as to why the profession needs to move with the times and implement new techniques and strategies to our marketing efforts – it’s hard not to get evangelical about it all!
Excellent course dealing with ever changing media.

At times accountancy firms or business contacts refer to other companies, something we are very grateful of.

The best 2 prospects are ‘company a’ and ‘company b’. (names removed for reasons of confidentiality)Company A we are still waiting letter of intent but have shaken hands on deal which should commence early September and be worth £5 – £6k per month.Company B we had a very successful visit and have already delivered £2K of cases in last 2 weeks with another £1K to go. They are reviewing their procedures and will be phasing out their own carpenters and we will be supplying the cases. We are working with them closely and this could be worth £100k p.a.The rest we are constantly reviewing to make sure we make the best of them. We’ve also taken another £100k pa order so all in all we are seeing a lot of new sales.
Insight Marketing has been working for us for three months. In this time they have managed to secure four new customers, one of which has just placed an order worth £75,000.We are very pleased with the feedback that we receive from them and also the way they make certain that any leads are followed up.(since writing this reference we have carried out a further 4 months of work for Metaltech and have generated a further £110,000 worth of new business)
Insight Marketing have been a pleasure to work with. They understood completely the complexities of the solution we were looking to roll out and became like an extension of Computer 2000 in the way in which activity was delivered.The quality of support on the phone was second to none – instilling confidence that the overall output would be both professional and a success.
We needed someone to guide us through the labyrinth of website design and marketing. Our old site had done nothing for us, and we knew our competitors were winning business! We looked at a number of providers and quotes varied, what we liked most with IDML was their open, honest approach and their willingness to develop long term ‘win win’ relationships was clear from their pricing structure. They have done a fantastic job designing, re-working, tweaking and marketing our sites on an ongoing basis and we unreservedly recommend them.
I write to confirm that we have been working with Insight Marketing for over 24 months. I am pleased to confirm that they have been great to work with during this time. They are prompt with their updates and have a real desire to see the campaign grow and SR prosper. This ownership shows in the quality of appointments they have generated which have or overall been of a very high quality.We have converted some great new business from this activity and meet with many companies we would not have got to see any other way. We also have a very useful database which is constantly being cleaned and built for our future sales. We are happy to recommend Insight Marketing and are very pleased with the work carried out so far.
I have used Insight and there design team not only for my website design, but also for the development of my press pack and ongoing digital marketing. They are excellent at listening as well as being open and honest taking the time to explain what works and what does not. I have found them a delight to work with and able to deliver on time constantly.
This is to confirm that over the last four years we have used Insight Marketing to provide a consultant four days per month. This process has generated literally hundreds of appointments and has led to new business opportunities that otherwise would not have been open to us. At all times, Insight has been professional in their approach to us and listened to our specific needs. We are happy to recommend their services.
We chose Sales For Accountants to manage our online yacht charter site and moved from our current provider because the solution they offered was totally right for us. They work with us on an ongoing basis and have not just created a web in a box package but a living, breathing site that works.
Just a short note to say how much the two of us enjoyed your seminar in Nottingham. As newcomers to the sub-contract business it was invaluable to get a fast trip through the entire sales process. I certainly found some of the statistics interesting. As you say, there are very few lazy successful sales people. It made it very clear to us that lead generation is a key element, and that management commitment for sales is vital.Thanks again, we shall be sending others to later seminars, and probably returning for a ‘top-up’!
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are pleased with the work carried out by your company.Waveney Engineering Ltd is happy for the company to carry on in the same capacity as they are doing at present.
For a small organisation like ours, getting the balance right between design and delivery and yet allowing time to continually drop new prospects into the sales pipeline becomes a constant challenge. Because we know how important it is to keep the pipeline topped up (to eliminate the peaks and troughs of revenue) we realised that here was a function we should outsource.Having known one of the senior members of Insight Marketing for some time and having great respect for his sales and marketing techniques, we were happy to engage his company for a trial period. We were soon seeing a large number of literature and email requests.Within five months we had secured a project (which in itself has gone some way to covering Insight’s costs) and now, some seven months in, we are regularly gaining appointments and proposal requests. It is only a matter of time we believe before Insight help us to win a new major account. In addition, we have always found them to be flexible, courteous and very customer-focused. It really is like having an extra member of the team.
I have known Insight Marketing for over 10 years and during this time have employed their services to help with product launches, marketing campaigns, seminar management and delivery as well as exhibition marketing and follow up.Their previous campaign to generate over 20,000 individual attendees to an exhibition was achieved for us far faster than we believed possible, within budget and they actually over-achieved by some margin their target. This quality and volume of attendees has put us in a wonderfully strong position when talking with our own exhibitors and has noticeably added to our reputation. I have found them extremely professional and diligent with a real passion for helping customer’s campaigns succeed.
It’s been a real pleasure working with you…and with Joel in the early stages. We’ve also clashed along the way…but that has been driven by our mutual high standards and desire to deliver optimum results. You are bloody good at what you do…and a very decent guy as well. Rare qualities. I wish you both all the best for the future and trust you will continue to drive results and standards for PPG.
Insight Marketing was contracted by myself to advise on how best to build and motivate a new sales team in the IT industry. They also carried out research into certain business sectors prior to targeting. I have no hesitation in recommending their sales and marketing services.

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